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Fri Jul 5

The Amazing Possibilities of Schüco Glazing Systems

The Amazing Possibilities of Schüco Glazing Systems

Schüco (sometime Schueco) is warmly referred to by Zyle Fenster’s Walter as the ‘Rolls Royce of glazing systems’. They are a German producer of windows, doors, sliders, curtain walling and absolutely everything in between. The Schüco windows system is a little bit special as far as windows go and, frankly, considering the kind of work they do on massive commercial and industrial projects internationally (learn more here), it is actually somewhat surprising that they are so engaged with the residential market. The fact is that they are though, and while it is worth saying upfront that Schüco products certainly aren’t cheap, anyone investing substantially in a contemporary styled home would do well to check out what Schüco have to offer before making a call on their glazing. We sat down for a chat with the guys at Zyle Fenster, a supplier of Schüco, to hear about what makes it special. The following are just some of the ways in which Schüco stands out in the crowd.

Schuco Glazing Systems: Big and Bespoke

The boffins at Schüco are entirely accustomed to adapting their products to meet the needs of all kinds of large scale architectural visions throughout the world. The scale of some of the challenges they have undertaken essentially means that whatever you can throw at them in terms of your private home design, is likely to be a piece of cake to them. Their highly engineered section is designed to be adaptable to all kinds of shapes and sizes, and indeed it is commonly used in Ireland and the UK for high level glazing which can encompass a couple of floors while easily achieving the structural integrity required to handle the associated pressures. This is all achieved with high grade thermally broken aluminium meaning that it is extremely efficient in terms of energy retention, and will easily meet Passivhaus windows standards where required. Any architect worth their salt will tell you that one of the most important things to consider when building is the outer shell, the skin if you like, of your home. It is this that dictates temperatures and allows your home to breath, and is of course costly to modify after the fact. There is no doubt that the Schüco system provides an unbelievably efficient and stylish example of this, but what are some of the other features that might be interesting to someone undertaking a residential build?

Bringing the Outside In

As a way of bringing in light and air, sliding glass doors are seeing a real surge in popularity, in fact Zyle Fenster rarely do a new residential build without a large slider as part of the package. The Schüco systems allows this to be taken to the next level with a range of extra possibilities. Here are just a couple of examples.

Three Track Sliders

While some systems can accommodate three-track-sliders in a narrower section, if you want to have a large scale robust slider with three tracks, Schüco is the way to go. This means that you can have two active panels on your sliding door, essentially meaning that you can open up two thirds of your wall of glazing to the outside world. This a really desirable feature for those living rurally or with large gardens. You can bring the outside in during the day, and with Schüco, when you close it up at night you still have great U-Values, regardless of the scale, when the time comes to close it again.

Cornerless Sliders

Similarly popular in modern builds is having a glazed corner with a slider on one or both sides. With conventional Wood, aluclad window or uPVC systems, this would require two external sections to meet at the corner and a piece of cladding to complete the finish. The Schüco system allows you to have two sliding doors meet in a corner and when opened, have no upright support there whatsoever. This is a beautiful feature when leading out onto a deck or a garden and many Zyle Fenster customers have opted for Schüco precisely with this feature in mind.


For contemporary styled building, Schüco always appeals. Its sleek design incorporates features as standard that are pricey add-ons with other systems. Features such as flush glazing, which means that even sashes with a full range of tilt and turn movement are completely flush with the outer frame when closed. Or concealed hinges, an expensive feature with other systems, are a matter of course for Schüco. The removal of visible hinging is very popular among the design conscious and in terms of practicality it offers increased protection from the elements for the all-important moving parts of the system. Ultimately, while there are reasons why a client wouldn’t chose Schüco, financial or otherwise, style itself is very unlikely to be one of them.

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