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Tue Jul 2

Tilt & Turn Windows: What about the Blinds?

Tilt & Turn Windows: What about the Blinds?

Whether you are buying uPVC windows, timber windows, alu-clad windows, or aluminium windows, here at Zyle Fenster we will always recommend that you opt for tilt and turn openings rather than casement. By far the most common question we receive as a result of this recommendation is ‘but what about blinds?’ We have decided to put together a blog to put this question to rest but, before we do, we’ve opted to outline the reasons we are so fervent in favouring tilt and turn windows. Having read this, we’re sure you’ll agree that the benefits greatly outweigh the entirely solvable issue of what to do about blinds.

Benefits of Tilt & Turn Windows

Stronger and Longer

T&T windows are simply more robust due to the fact that the weight is distributed across the gearing system. With flush casement windows, many people find that they will need adjustment or repair relatively regularly due to the bottom hinge dropping or bending. This benefit is increased exponentially by the fact that with tilt & turn windows, most people use the tilt option 90% of the time, meaning that not only are the turning hinges more durable, they are rarely used. A combination of these factors means that when it comes to longevity, there is really no comparison. In addition, tilt & turn windows allow for much larger openings allowing you to maximize the light and views for your home.


Tilt and Turn windows generally have more locking points than casement windows. This is because they can be easily added around the gearing which is on all four sides of the sash. We regularly do up to ten locking points around a larger sash. There is simply no way to get through that. Not only do casement have fewer (normally two) locking points, they are also usually on the same side of the sash, making those openings far more vulnerable to break-in.


Setting aside the risk of decapitating a passer-by while operating an open out casement window, tilt & turn windows are far more practical for day to day use. The tilt function means that you don’t need to have your home encroached upon by a window simply to get some air into the building. The option of the open-in-turn means that your windows can be easily cleaned on the first and above floors of your home. The ability to tolerate more weight means that what would have once been a top hung above a side hung window can have the bars removed to be one large tilt & turn opening. This not only improves your view but also means that all windows (above 0.33 square meters) are automatically fire exits.

And so, to the blinds!

So here is the issue with blinds on tilt and turns windows… there isn’t one! There are numerous companies based in Ireland that offer beautiful solutions to this. They create a simply vast range of options for blinds that connect straight onto the sash itself, and many of them don’t even require any drilling. The final effects is actually a cleaner and more efficient use of space than conventional blinds so check out the links below and peruse the myriad options available for dressing your beautiful tilt & turn openings. And remember, if none of them take your fancy, there’s always curtains!

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