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Wed Oct 16

Zyle Fenster Supply 200 Aluminium Clad Windows To Passivhaus Extra Care Project

Zyle Fenster Supply 200 Aluminium Clad Windows To Passivhaus Extra Care Project

Zyle Fenster and EcoWin Ltd have been awarded the contract to supply over 200 Aluminium Clad Passivhaus windows and doors for an exciting and forward-thinking Passivhaus extra care project in Exeter. This is another Passivhaus project for Zyle Fenster and we are delighted to be helping the elderly and infirm to move to more comfortable, safer, and affordable accommodation.

St. Loyes Extra Care Home Scheme

The St. Loyes Extra Care Home scheme forms part of the Millbrook Care Village development commissioned by Exeter City Council. As well as using high quality materials to create a low energy and healthy building design, the aims of this project are to incorporate the latest thinking on elderly and dementia care and to achieve a homely, non-institutional and secure feel to the new building.

The architects, Architype, discounted the typical institutional care home layout of long central access corridors with rooms located on either side. Using Integrated Environmental Solutions thermal modelling and Passivhaus planning analysis, their radical design not only addresses the monthly heating and cooling demands but also creates a healthier and more comfortable environment with an improved ventilation strategy.

Their scheme consists of 50 self-contained units for the elderly and people with differing levels of dementia. It also incorporates a high level dementia care facility.
Older residents will retain their independence as well as remain firmly connected to their local community and the building includes lounges, dining rooms with roof terraces, hobby spaces, salon and spa treatment rooms and landscaped gardens.

Climate Change Forecasts Make Passivhaus More Important

As the residents will be elderly and frail, it is essential that this Passivhaus development offers appropriate levels of thermal comfort and maintains appropriate temperature and humidity levels throughout the year. With increased temperature rises and adverse future weather conditions forecast from climate change, the building needs to be future-proofed to minimise the effects of daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations. This project has received additional funding for design work from the UK Government through the Technology Strategy Board’s Climate Change Adaptation programme.

The main climate risks that the project is aiming to address are increased and unstable external temperatures and humidity levels that could adversely affect the internal environment. An increase in wind and rain severity and seasonal fluctuations may cause water shortages, disruption to the landscape and flooding. Finally, with less wind and higher external temperatures, airborne particulates, manmade pollutants, and an increased pollen count may also reduce external air quality.

Zyle Fenster and Ecowin Passivhaus St Loyes

A Passivhaus building allows for space heating and cooling-related energy savings of over 75% compared to average new builds. It makes efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery and uses passive cooling techniques such as strategic shading to keep the building cool. Internal surface temperatures will vary little from indoor air temperatures, even in the face of extreme outdoor temperatures. Passivhaus windows help to create a seamless building envelope with the highly insulated roof, highly insulated exterior walls and floor slab maintaining internal temperatures. A Passivhaus ventilation system supplies constant fresh air whilst the heat recovery unit allows for the heat contained in the expelled air to be re-used.

Zyle Fenster Passivhaus Windows

Zyle Fenster Passivhaus flush casement windows offer clean lines and classic finishes with side, top and reversible opening styles. Our 0.79 triple glazed flush casement windows have been independently tested to BS 7950:1997 and to BS6375 Part 1 and Part 2 and are ideal for Passivhaus projects. They achieve one of the best U values available: as low as 0.79 W/m2K for the triple glazed 44 mm unit.

Performance information on the 0.79 Triple Glazed Flush Casement:

  • U value , W/m2K 0.79*
  • Resistance to wind load 5 (Pa) (2000)
  • Wind Resistance Class C (<1/300)
  • Water tightness Class E900 (pa) (>600)
  • Air Permeability Max 4 (pa) (600) at 100 pa (113 km/h) (46 km / h) (m3/ H • m2) ≤ 3

NB: We also supply Schuco Passivhaus Certified AWS 90.SI windows (with scores closer to the 300 mark) and provide a supply and installation service.

Zyle Fenster and Ecowin Passivhaus St Loyes

It costs significantly less money to heat and cool a Passivhaus, so utility bills will be lower and the overall impact on the environment will also reduce. We are delighted to be involved in another exciting Passivhaus project and to help the residents of Exeter to afford and enjoy a more comfortable old age.

With over 15 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-performance aluclad windows, Zyle Fenster are ideally placed to help you create your own Passivhaus project. Our affordable pricing structure may surprise you and delight your clients so do contact us today on +44 1372 610156 or email: to find out more.


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